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Hot, chilled still and sparkling water from one stylish tap
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Enjoy the seamless drinking water experience you will never forget
Smart. Design-led. Customer-driven.
Smart. Design-led. Customer-driven.
Drinking water systems
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SafeControl Touchless management system
Touchless or single touch dispensing for the customer to choose from
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Professional filtration consists of four stages
1st stage
2nd stage
3rd stage
4th stage
Auto stop function of continuous dispensing if necessary
The dispenser driptray is designed to prevent leakages on the countep top
Safe water dispensing
Auto stop function of continuous dispensing after keeping pressed hot, chilled sparkling or still buttons for more than 15 seconds
Real time data monitoring
The advanced cloud-based management system allows to overview all the important parameters of the dispenser that ensures WATWELL engineers to meet the challenges in a prompt way
Chilled sparkling
Chilled still
Water Variety of tasteful water from one stylish tap
There is no need to wait the water to warm up — the steaming water is dispensed instantly.
Easily make your favourite refreshment
Work smarter with the delicious chilled drinking water
Innovative. Design-led. Understated.
5 main
Wide colour range and exquisite shapes will unobtrusively fit into any beautifully designed environment
Sustainability Environmental concern
126 m3
less emissions
38 kg
less plastic

The system automatically switches to the power saving mode in case of nonuse.

Durable and sustainable materials: the dispenser is constructed with anodized aluminium as well as the soft touch display is made of glass.

Advantages Competitive
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01. There is no need to contact service engineers
Smart remote control system will inform us when your dispenser needs service
02. There is no need to install several purifiers
The high capacity of the system enables to use cost-efficient water management
03. Coolers and purifiers no longer break the concept of the office environment
You can customize the dispenser to meet your customers' preferences
04. Leave the bulky coolers and kettles behind
WATWELL systems give you everything you could need and more while saving your office space and time
Remote control system
Remote control system
The control system gives you a full insight into the health of your dispenser at every stage of the water treatment

The tailor-made cloud-based management system gives our specialists the remote access to the key metrics and technical parameters of the dispenser allowing to work smarter and faster saving our clients’ time and providing the continious water supply on site.


Possibility to get actual data and analytics on consumption and dispenser diagnostics upon the client’s request

Chilled still, sparkling and hot water of great taste is available from one tap instantly


  • High performance (up to 80 litres of hot water, up to 120 litres of chilled water
  • Touchless control SAFE CONTROL for providing highest safety
  • Smart Light for the dispenser correct functioning control 

Possibility of customization according to the customer’s preferences (T and water type, water aeration degree)

Minimalistic design of WATWELL systems will unobtrusively fit into any beautifully designed environment

Innovative breathtaking design will contribute to the uniqueness of your modern office premises. Wide colour range highlights the distinguishing characteristics of the beautifully designed environment. The dispenser is constructed with recycable, high quality aluminium.


Possibility to customize the dispenser colour and material according to the customers' preferences

Real time system control
The best call out time in Moscow and Moscow region
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Professional servicing and maintenance
WATWELL provides service and consulting support to the customers for the whole installation period
Tailor-made service
WATWELL provides a full range of services starting fom the inhouse research and concept development to implementation and installation of the dispenser to your office
Customer service
Remote monitoring of the system and prompt reaction allows WATWELL engineers to meet the challenges in a prompt way
The dispenser can be integrated into the kitchen furniture as well as stand alone. The free space (WxDxH) is required for the installation.
The warranty period is 3 years provided the service maintenance is carried out by WATWELL engineers. For the rental contracts the warranty is valid throughout the entire rental period
The control system will remind you of the filter replacement, which is included in the service сontract and is usually carried out twice a year.
Our target groups are Corporates and HoReCa, but we can istall the dispenser in the house per individual enquiry.
WATWELL innovative systems provide the constant drinking water supply in your office. One dispenser can provide with drinking water up to 200 people.
Five main finishes of the dispensing tap are available: black, grey, silver, gold and copper. Gold and copper finishes are optional.You can also contact us directly for ordering any other finish of the tap.
The dispenser is connected directly to the cold water and electrical lines. The sufficient ventilation must be provided in the installation niche as well as.
Please write to us for enquiries or questions.
We're here to help you.
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