WATWELL mission Our goal is to create and offer a product designed to meet our customers' and partners' needs for great tasting drinking water according to their individual preferences and requirements and provide the best possible drinking water experience
Миссия компании
Our Values
Корпоративная культура
01 Corporate culture We aim to have the ethical and meaningful dialogue between our team members as well as the partners and customers. Our employees are our top priority: we are always open to the new ideas and build our communication on consensus of opinion.
Our Values
02 Teamwork Comunication within our team is our core value. Our employees are involved in constant sharing of knowledge and experience which contributes to the professional growth and continious improvement of the product.
Работа в команде
Our Values
03 Continious learning We hire the best and expect great accomplishments. Our highly experienced certified employees constantly improve their skills for achiving the better outcomes and providing the best customer experience.
Our Values
04 Expertise We carefully study our customers' needs and enquiries, monitor the drinking water systems market trends and introduce the new ideas in our projects. Our outstanding product is the result of synergy of the future-proof technologies and our employees' competence.
Our Values
Нацеленность на результат
05 Commitment We are focused on high working achievements and stay in a regular dialog with our customers. It's important for us to get a feedback to improve our product and service.
Our Principles
Customer focus
WATWELL is focused on delivering the best possible drinking water experience that staff and customers will thank you for. We consider every potential partnership as another opportunity to develop the successful, long-term relationships.
We are restless about innovation and look carefully at the world's best practices. We adopt the advanced production technologies and develop our own inovative approaches.
It's important for us to move with the time being a part of sustainable development. Our employees are ambitious and passionate experts. Our drive for professional development, solid experience and commitment to high technologies allow us to find new solutions and anticipate the market needs.
We explore the key trends shaping the future of drinking water business worldwide. We srtive to prove ourselves to be the trused manufacturer and partner. That's why we create high-tech dispensers with professional filters and remote control system that allows to monitor the performance at every stage.
Open mindedness and business integrity
We are always honest with ourselves, our clients, partners and employees. Open-mindedness and business integrity allow us to preserve the friendly atmosphere both with our employees and our clients.
Cooperation Our clients
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