H2O + WATWELL is the formula of health
H2O + WATWELL is the formula of health
Maintaining the balance of water in the body is an indispensable condition for life itself, and its quality is the key to good health and long life. Water is one of the most mysterious and important substances on our planet. The world ocean takes up most of the surface of the Earth, water is an integral component of all natural processes that ensure the functioning and stability of the global ecosystem.

7 vital functions of water in the human body

Just as water in nature is the most important condition for the existence and development of life on Earth, it also serves an equally important function in the human body, all systems of which directly depend on it. Our body is 60% water, it takes part in all intracellular biochemical processes, provides transportation of necessary substances and thermal energy.

Water performs the following vital functions in the body:

1. Normalization of digestion.

Water helps the body to metabolize food better, gives energy and a feeling of vitality.

2. Thermoregulation.

Thanks to water, the body retains heat and maintains a normal body temperature. 

3. Normalization of blood circulation.

Water reduces the viscosity of the blood, helps to supply oxygen and nutrients to all organs and systems of the body.

4. Improving brain function.

Water cleanses blood vessels and improves the condition of the circulatory system, reduces the risk of thrombosis. 

5. Detoxification of the body.

Water helps to remove toxins, salts, slags, harmful substances from the body, thereby contributing to weight loss.

6. Ensuring joint mobility.

Synovial fluid, which is necessary for joints for free and painless movement, consists mostly of water and a small amount of hyaluronic acid. 

7. Normalization of metabolism.

Water helps to maintain a stable weight, provides an active metabolism, restores beauty and slimness.  It also improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails, maintains muscle tone, relieves tension.
Thus, the most optimal and invaluable contribution to your health is the right choice of drinking water consumed daily.
7 vital functions of water in the human body

Discover your energy source. What kind of water is considered beneficial?

In order for water to bring maximum benefit, let’s figure out what characteristics it should have. 
The composition of drinking water, which is healthy for the body, should have certain limited content of minerals and salts, they range from 0.02 to 2 g of minerals per liter. 
The main salts that saturate water and are required for human life are sulfates, bicarbonates, magnesium, sodium and calcium chlorides. Their quantity should not exceed 0.5 g per liter of water.

Also important elements are such substances as fluorine, bromine and iodine. And although these trace elements in water are presented in extremely small quantities and measured in milligrams, nevertheless, they are significant components for ensuring the normal operation of many physiological functions of the body. 

It has been established that the systematic intake of fluoridated water reduces the level of diseases such as rheumatism, cardiovascular pathology, kidney diseases, etc. The lack of fluoride in water (less than 0.5 mg per litter) leads to cavity. Fluorine is one of the few elements that are better absorbed by the body from water.

The main salts that saturate water and are required for human life are sulfates, bicarbonates, magnesium, sodium and calcium chlorides.

Iodine prevents diseases of the thyroid gland, and bromine ions, entering the brain, change the ratio of inhibition and excitation processes in its cortex, enhancing the processes of inhibition, thereby having a beneficial effect on the nervous system. 
Also, an extremely important factor affecting the benefits of drinking water is the correct dosage of potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Potassium is actively used to build the cardiac wall and is necessary for the health of the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is involved in the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Sodium regulates the acid content in the stomach, and also normalizes the pH of the whole body. Sodium is necessary for the movement of carbohydrates along the gastrointestinal tract and the functioning of the nervous system.

When choosing drinking water, it is extremely important to pay attention to the balanced composition of salts and trace elements. For daily use, it is better to choose water from natural springs, mineral springs, or water that has undergone high-quality and reliable filtration.

Drinking water of the future. Modern technologies for health and longevity.

The easiest and the most affordable way to obtain healthy drinking water is to install modern filtration systems.
Innovative WATWELL drinking systems can be a perfect solution for your business, a guarantee of reliability, quality, convenience and a high level of service.

Innovative WATWELL drinking systems for business

Thanks to a 4-stage deep purification system, filters remove from tap water chlorine, lime, heavy metals and a number of other substances harmful to health, while simultaneously preserving useful minerals and trace elements in it.

Safe and highly efficient filtration stages provide employees with clean and healthy water, and a smart water dispenser allows you to reduce monthly water expenses.

High–tech WATWELL equipment is a stylish, reliable and modern solution for providing clean and healthy water to your business space.

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